CNS Chikitsalayam gives more emphasis on Paediatrics. To build a healthy nation it is inevitable to create a new healthy generation. Diseases like Sprue, Dermatitis, Polio, Jaundice,  Primary Complex etc. are taken into account seriously and offer special treatments. The Govt. of Kerala has selected CNSC  as a training centre for  CCH course In  1985. All  India  Balachikitsa  Training  Camp sponsored by LSPSS has been conducted at CNSC in 1990 and 1991.

Vaidyan  Gangadharan Nair
CNSC  is a referal hospital for paediatrics. Vaidyan  Gangadharan Nair has Presented thesis in the seminar conducted on paediatrics at Ahemadabad in 1988 and the seminar conducted in 1989 at Delhi on Mother and Child Care and thereby making people to know more about Ayurveda and Cure.

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