CNS Chikitsalayam located at Mezhathur, Palakkad district founded by late Sri.Chatharu Nair, the renowned name in Ayurvedic Paediatrics who was a legend in his own life time, is giving relief to the sick for over 100 years. CNS   Chikitsalayam gives more Emphasis on paediatrics especially treatments for Sprue, Dermatitis, Polio, Jaundice,Primary Complex etc. is carried out successfully by CNSC. A group of researchers are Working enthusiastically day in and out with a common goal in mind’ A healthy new generation’. Preventive treatments for contagious diseases like polio etc.  is offered here.There was a common   usage and belief among the people, in the case of children’s’ ailments  ‘Daivam  pathi, Chatharu Nair pathi’(God  and Chatharu  Nair  will contribute equally to the healing in critical stages) because he was such an outstanding personality with in depth knowledge in Ayurveda and traditional treatments. Vaidyan Gangadharan Nair, the diciple and great grand  son in law of Sri. Chatharu Nair, serving the sick since 1951, is the driving force behind CNSC. The living legend Vaidyan Gangadharan Nair Daring enough to face the challenge of treating the poor boys Subash and his brother Suresh who suffers from Anhidrotic Ecodermal Dysplasia  (AED) – an extremely rare case  - a very popular case in the year 1992 where modern medicines failed .Vaidyan Gangadharan Nair the man of vision has mechanized the factory in 1987 in order to meet the  growing demand of medicines from northern states. CNSC is giving relief to the sick by supplying high quality medicines all over the country to keep up a commitment and a great tradition.


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